[09:21] -- acceleratingGlaive [AG] began trolling greatTenochtitlan [GT] at 21:21 --

[09:21] GT: Xup Cal

[09:21] AG: Hello____there___chili__head

[09:22] GT: You can't handle my fucking xpice

[09:22] AG: I____just___wanted__to_check_in_with_you

[09:22] AG: You____know

[09:22] GT: Oh

[09:23] AG: After____I___left__the_show

[09:23] GT: Dude

[09:23] AG: I____Apologise___for__leaving_so_abruptly

[09:23] GT: We never finixhed Blonic O' Dickx

[09:24] GT: The fanx were waiting

[09:24] GT: All 37 of them

[09:24] AG: I____just___wanted__to_follow_my_dreams_of_having_myOWNshow!

[09:24] AG: And____also,___not__to_be_mean_or_anything

[09:25] GT: My axx, you've made like, 2 epixodex in a xweep

[09:25] AG: You____know___what__what_would_happen_if_I_stayedontheshowwithyoufortoolong

[09:25] AG: I____didn't___want__to_lose_another_friend =:c

[09:26] AG: ANd____hey,___quality__over_quantity,_I_say

[09:26] GT: Ecch

[09:26] GT: Blech

[09:26] GT: "Quality"

[09:27] GT: There, don't have to make a video for 7 monthx now

[09:27] AG: So____you___didn't__answer_my_question_from_earlier

[09:28] AG: What's____going___on__with_you_these_days?

[09:28] AG: Well,____using___"days"__for_the_lack_of_a_betterterm

[09:29] AG: Hello?

[09:29] AG: Where____did___you__go_you_fucker_I_NEED_YOURCOMPANY!

[09:29] GT: Xorry, I wax taking xome notex

[09:30] AG: Oh____shit___It's__happening_again D:=

[09:30] GT: Andromeda ix in the celextial antipode tonight

[09:30] GT: I gotta chart thexe xtarx dude

[09:30] AG: Sorry____Chili___Head__I_really_need_to_go

[09:31] AG: I____can___feel__myself_becoming_less_rational_by_thesecond

[09:31] AG: Talk____to___you__later,_Promise!

[09:31] -- acceleratingGlaive [AG] gave up trolling greatTenochtitlan [GT] at 21:31 --

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