[06:30] -- carewornAstrologist [CA] began trolling guardianSentinel [GS] at 18:30 --

[06:30] CA: Um...hi!

[06:31] GS: Hello there?

[06:31] GS: Might I ask who I'm speaking to?

[06:31] CA: I-It's Seriad...

[06:31] GS: The name sounds familiar... Have we met?

[06:32] CA: I uh, I don't think so...

[06:32] GS: Oh, ok!

[06:32] GS: My name's Jossik

[06:32] GS: Nice to meet you, Seriad!

[06:32] CA: Well, hi Jossik! Are you...ready to play...the game that is....

[06:33] GS: What game?

[06:34] CA: S-Sgrub...

[06:34] GS: Oh, THAT game!

[06:34] GS: one of my friends invited me to play it.

[06:35] CA: I uh, I hear it's going to be fun...but...I'm not really sure...

[06:35] GS: It sounds like it's going to be quite the adventure!

[06:35] GS: I personally can't wait.

[06:35] CA: Do you ever fell like something is holding you down...

[06:35] GS: ?

[06:36] GS: no, not really...

[06:36] CA: I have this feeling and...I just can't figure it out what it is...

[06:36] GS: Can you describe it?

[06:36] CA: Like...some sort of weight...

[06:36] GS: hm

[06:37] GS: I dunno what to tell you.

[06:37] CA: O-on...well...never mind, it's weird...

[06:37] GS: No, it's cool!

[06:37] CA: P-PROMISE not to tell anyone...

[06:38] GS: Cross my expanding and contracting muscle based vascular system.

[06:38] CA: In my...torso...area...I-I guess...

[06:39] GS: Um

[06:39] GS: like

[06:39] GS: uh

[06:39] GS: it could be indigestion

[06:39] CA: But...

[06:39] CA: It...

[06:39] CA: Okay.

[06:39] GS: ?

[06:40] CA: I- I guess that works....

[06:40] GS: what's wrong?

[06:40] CA: It's indigestion! I- I know it is!

[06:40] GS: Oh, ok!

[06:40] CA: Thanks for talking to me uh, Jossik.

[06:40] GS: Sure thing!

[06:41] GS: Always happy to help!

[06:41] CA: I ...I can't wait to play! The game...with you...

[06:41] GS: I'm looking forward to it!

[06:41] CA: B-bye!

[06:41] GS: Bye!

[06:41] -- carewornAstrologist [CA] gave up trolling guardianSentinel [GS] at 18:41 --

[06:42] GS: I was getting a kinda weird vibe there...

[06:42] GS: oh well!

[06:42] -- guardianSentinel [GS] gave up trolling carewornAstrologist [CA] at 18:42 --

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