This page lists all the player character slots, and if they are available, and if not, who has filled them.



  1. Sami Heston Derse Dreamer A1-A1
  2. Dean Howard DEAD
  3. Nate Revult Prospit Dreamer A2-A2
  4. Kate Wightt Derse Dreamer A0-B?
  5. Avel Medeis DEAD
  6. Beau Demain Prospit Dreamer A3-A0
  7. Aura Malloy DEAD
  8. Doir Mavico Derse Dreamer A5-A5


  1. Rilset Leyers Mutant-Blood - Derse Dreamer B1
  2. Nullar Etrors Dead
  3. Tlaloc Zapote Dead
  4. Vejant Ectrix Dead
  5. Meouet Piraya  Low-Blood - Derse Dreamer XX-C5
  6. Jossik Katarn Dead
  7. Seriad Rytoil Mid-Blood - Prospit Dreamer C3-C3
  8. Kakité Nagisa Dead
  9. Glissa Nuntak Dead
  10. Balish Aggaro Dead
  11. Ryspor Tezeti High-Blood - Prospit Dreamer C4-C0
  12. Maenam Niadis High-Blood - Prospit Dreamer B1



  1. Jack Heston Derse Dreamer - Missing
  2. Mari Howard Derse Dreamer
  3. Fate Revult Prospit Dreamer
  4. Eric Wightt Derse Dreamer - Dead
  5. Enzo Medeis Prospit Dreamer - Missing
  6. Rubi Demain Prospit Dreamer
  7. Dani Malloy Prospit Dreamer
  8. Lily Mavico Derse Dreamer


  1. Acenia Leyers  Mutant-Blood - Derse Dreamer
  2. Erisio Etrors  Low-Blood - Derse Dreamer
  3. Miloko Zapote  Low-Blood - Prospit Dreamer
  4. Vyllen Ectrix  Low-Blood - Derse Dreamer
  5. Sorser Piraya   Low-Blood - Derse Dreamer 
  6. Melnia Katarn Mid-Blood - Derse Dreamer
  7. Mahtah Rytoil Mid-Blood - Prospit Dreamer
  8. Tethys Nagisa Mid-Blood - Prospit Dreamer
  9. Kolena Nuntak High-Blood - Derse Dreamer
  10. Darmok Aggaro  High-Blood - Prospit Dreamer
  11. Thiago Tezeti  High-Blood - Prospit Dreamer
  12. Merrow Niadis  High-Blood - Prospit Dreamer

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