Name Eric Wightt
Age 16
Classpect Mage of Rage
Guardian Kate Wightt
Sprite X͚̦̫̭̒ͥͦͫ̽̔͞X̛͖̱̺̙ͩͧ̆Ẋ̯̝̫͌͗̒̚X͇̬̠̪̠̿̾̃̊̃̇Ẋ̷̯̟͕̖̯̪̫̾͐̚X̡͇͎̝̆̓Sprite
Land Land of Gears and Metal

Character Sheet

Your name is ERIC WIGHTT and you have nothing to do. For the last six hours you have been thinking tirelessly, but your writer's block is still firmly rooted into your brain. You enjoy writing horror stories on your typewriter, and you are exceptional at creating vast plotlines out of your head. However, you can only think in absolute quiet, which today it is not. You also have a knack for using lamps as self-defense, and have your favorite one sitting on your shelf. You really need to go out and make some friends.

Atleast you want to. Being the son of a controversial shock artist does not help you in any sort of way. They only see you as HER son, not for what you are;they do not always try to befriend you. You cannot count the many beatings you have had as of recent. Your only friends are GAFF TAXIDERMY. Traveling with HER is hard; you lock yourself into your room, but the shouting of the crowd outside can still be heard. You wish she didn’t have to be a shock artist, it just causes herself trouble. Just fall asleep, and everything will be fine.

You used to have many more interests before your mother started traveling. You still love the ocean, and hopefully you might be able to see it. But what you especially loved about the ocean were the vast coral reefs you used to visit with her when you were young.

You also love gems. You used to have large amounts of your birthstone, Tanzanite. Your grandfather used to give you and your geodes of them for your large collection of books. After he died, your mother sold the most of the jewels and books to fund her galleries and to prevent the mobs from harming her. You only have 4 of them left.

-Your chumhandle is cynicalCompositions and you have dashes before and after your sentences.-

Life Before SBurb/SGrub Edit

Friends Edit

Enzo Medeis -

Eddy Malloy -

Rubi Demain -

Milestones Edit

-X͚̦̫̭̒ͥͦͫ̽̔͞X̛͖̱̺̙ͩͧ̆Ẋ̯̝̫͌͗̒̚X͇̬̠̪̠̿̾̃̊̃̇Ẋ̷̯̟͕̖̯̪̫̾͐̚X̡͇͎̝̆̓Sprite is born.

-Entered LOGAM

OOC Contact Information Edit

  • cynicalCompositions
  • UnknownTypist

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