The camera pans to a young LEON MEDEIS. Many things encompass your PERSONALITY. You can be SUMMARIZED as a SARCASTIC ADVENTUROUS WIZARD. OBVIOUSLY you are obsessed with all things MAGIC and ARCANE. You have a DEEP LOVE for COOKING and making FOOD to eat, and think of yourself as a CHEF IN TRAINING. You have a collection of spare WANDS and KNIVES just lying about your room. Though you havent gotten very far in the field of MAGIC STUDIES you still learn as much as possible. You can however, WEILD KNIVES as easily as you can make BAD PUNS. People often call you LAZY as you tend to PROCRASTINATE YOUR LIFE AWAY. It really is not your GOAL to do this, but due to your ADDICTION TO THE INTERNET you find it difficult to leave your ROOM and interact with people. Your pesterchum handle is accummulatedCookery, pertaining to your CULINARY HABITS. You tend to talk pretty lax, typing the bare mimimum to get your thoughts across while using popular abbreviations ironically (you are starting to think its becoming unironic now but YOU JUST CANT STOP) and can get veRY HEATED WHEN FLUSTERED.

Life Before Sburb/SgrubEdit

Moved around from temporary home to temporary home with Sis Medeis while she filmed her movies.


Close friends with Doir 

Becoming majjyky friends with Seriad?

OOC ContactEdit

Pesterchum: accumulatedCookery

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