This is where you can ask questions of the GMs. They are broken down by category. This is kind of like an FAQ but more like AQ

Combat QuestionsEdit

  • Is there a way to make multiple attacks at a penalty?  there has to be a way to be like "I'm gonna test my luck and make multiple attacks, each at a penalty, currently, I have a 1 in 81 chance of fucking up, but if make 2 attacks at a -1 strife, it changes to 1 in 16. 3 at -2... 1 in 5, and that's the chance to fail, implicitly each shot would do less damage. 
    • ​Answer goes here.
  • Does the Strife skill strictly factor in towards attack power, or can it be employed for other elements of battle? An example would be dodging with Strife rather than always using Athletics. 
  • --- The strife skill can also be used for parrying attacks in place of athletics.

Logistics QuestionsEdit

  • What's going to happen when we scratch?
    • You will be (randomly?) assigned a dancestor of another character. That other Character will be your guardian, though their Adult, Alt Universe self will be played as an NPC. You will be given a short description of this NPC and their parenting style, and it's up to you to decide how a child raised that way would behave.
  • How do we use boonbucks/get boonbucks/boonbucks i don't.

Alchemization QuestionsEdit

  • What dictates when I am low on grist?
    • Craft dictates chance to run low, resources dictates how many times you can run low.
  • When I use an item in alchemization, I can't use the item in sessions, but can I use it for other alchemizations?
  • Is it possible to duplicate Skillblocks? 
  • Are we permited to duplicate and alchemize with our Aspect instruments? What about our Sprite amulets?

Aspect QuestionsEdit

  • So, I found out that I can basically "haste" myself to give myself extra turns to move as a time player. Can I just do that whenever I want, or is there a minimum threshhold required for me to gain any benefit from it (say, a 3 to get any kind of meaningful success out of it like an extra turn)

Magic QuestionsEdit

Requests or NoticesEdit

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